Flux Items Part One

Hi all! Flux is officially OPEN! Yep, you can now get in and grab all of those items you’ve been wanting. If you haven’t seen any of the grgeous things available yet, check out these items:
.: Somnia :. Feathered Harlot Ad
*katat0nik* (3 pairs) Jester Panties - special!
*katat0nik* Jester Staff (texture-change)
*katat0nik* (all colors) Jester Dress - FLUX Mardi Gras
*katat0nik* Jester Dress - FLUX Mardi Gras
*Frooti -  Carnival Masquerade
*Frooti - Flip It!
1L Eye Makeup
+>A&A<+ Mardi Gras Skin 2
+>A&A<+ Mardi Gras Skin
Those are from just a few of the stores, there are TONS more. I’ll be doing a few other posts with the pictures so you can see everything before you go. Flux is HERE so just click the link and go!